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Specialized massage therapy

"Thai Manual Therapy"

This course is based on our course in "Thai Manual Therapy". A unique approach in the region, it  combines several aspects of Thai massage, therefore Asian, with Western knowledge. At the Center Orchidée de l'Outaouais, we understood the pure effectiveness of this technique dating back more than 2000 years! We therefore chose to formulate a complete massage therapy course using this approach. It's about  a comprehensive training that allows students to become a massage therapist with an approach to Thai massage.  It contains a practical component in the classroom which allows you to learn the techniques of Thai massage, lomi lomi and deep tissue ect.,  and a shutter  theory online on our great platform  which will allow you  to work at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Formulate to help you understand the human body, the relationship of a therapist with his client through a course specializing in helping relationship and interview techniques.

The course is available in two formats:

1- Practitioner  in Thai manual therapy (450)

2- Massage therapist specialized in Thai manual therapy (600h) totaling more than 1000h of training.

Thai Manual Therapy Practitioner:  (450h)

Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System I  45h

Physiology and pathologies          45h

Helping relationship: Professional ethics and sexuality  75h

Entrepreneurship                             3 p.m.

Somatic education: ergonomics in massage therapy  3 p.m.

Fundamental Thai Techniques I:   152h

  • thai massage on futon I

  • deep-thai on the table (mix of deep tissue and thai)

  • thai feet 

  • Lomi-Thai (mixture of oil technique, Lomi Lomi and Thai)                       

Clinical internships and homework  60h

Prerequisites:  be 18 years of age or over, otherwise with a parent's signature

Price:  $ 4,050

Locations: Center Orchidée de l'Outaouais  & Saguenay

Back Massage
400$ de rabais

Lorsqu'inscrit aux 1000h!

Massage Therapist Specializing in Thai Manual Therapy:  (600h)

Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System II  132h

Physiology and pathologies  80h 

Fundamental Thai Techniques II:  190h

  • thai massage on futon II

  • thai skull and face

  • thai on table II

  • Deep-Thai on the table and on the floor II   

Thai articular - spine and periphery - Joint Mobilizations:  36h

  • Foot & ankle                                                            

  • Knee                                                                          

  • Hip & Pelvis                                                         

  • Lumbar spine                                                           

  • Thoracic spine                                                       

  • Cervical spine                                                           

  • Hand & wrist                                                           

  • Elbow                                                                          

  • Shoulder belt (shoulders) 

Introduction to suction cups and toksens  3 p.m.          


Clinical internships and homework  120h

Prerequisites:  be a graduate in massage therapy with a minimum of 400 hours.

Price:  $ 5,400

Premises:  Center Orchidée de l'Outaouais & Saguenay

Back Massage
400$ de rabais

Lorsqu'inscrit aux 1000h!

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