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Lomi Lomi

It is a magnificent massage in its entirety inspired by Hawaiian spiritual traditions.

Lomi Lomi is touch in the spirit of aloha * (respect, attention) which connects body, heart and soul to the source of life. It uses long and fluid movements, with joint mobilizations to increase lymphatic circulation. From head to toe with forearms, hands and elbows.

Lomi Lomi fills the body with peace and tranquility.

Warrior Style Lomi Lomi : (21 hrs) - BASIC-

Teacher:  Catherine Gagnon

Prerequisites:  Any

Goals:   Learn the basics of Lomi Lomi in order to be comfortable completing a 60-minute basic massage in prone and back decubitus. Students will learn a routine to familiarize themselves with the movements and learn the ergonomics of working with the elbows while being encouraged to let go of the Lomi wave.

Price:  $ 450

Next course in Gatineau:  to be determined

Lomi Lomi improvement workshop : (8 hrs)  

Prerequisite: Lomi Lomi base at 9 p.m.


Objectives of the workshop:  This workshop is especially for learning to work in lateral decubitus, a perfect position for pregnant women, clients who cannot lie on their stomach or even to add something new to your care. By adding this workshop, you will be able to offer an extraordinary session and meet all of your clients' needs!

Price:  $ 175

Next course in Gatineau:  to be determined

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