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Deep Tissue Massage

An essential course!

Techniques  effective which have been proven. These techniques are based on the work of Art Riggs including, GDS muscle chains and the approach of Tom Myers.

Deep Tissue training

This course is very complete, it includes maneuvers for the whole body. Techniques are not everything. This is why you will learn to target your care.

Teacher:  Catherine Gagnon

Price: $ 700 for the 5 days

Prerequisites: be a manual therapist and have reviewed your anatomy. The origins / insertions / actions of large muscle groups must be known.

Course objectives:

  • Learn specific techniques for the trunk, pelvis and lower and upper limbs.

  • Discuss clinical indications.

  • Develop practical tactile and proprioceptive skills.

  • Understand the contraindications.

This course is designed to allow the participant to develop an in-depth knowledge of Deep Tissue work and its effectiveness in relieving, in a clinical environment, pain caused by chronic musculoskeletal and structural imbalances.

Too many massage therapists think that deep tissue is just about pushing harder or just doing intramuscular work.

This course goes much further and will give you concrete tools to work with your body and target the areas to be relieved.

As an integrative approach, this course will focus on the different tissue relaxation techniques including: myofascial stretching techniques and relaxation by active and passive mobilizations.

Next course in Gatineau:  to be determined

Next course in Saguenay : to be determined

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